a set of paint brushes on a white surface

Artwork by Kate Ogilvie

Email: hello@artworkbykate.co.uk

**Currently exhibiting all artworks with The Sometimes Gallery, Elham, Kent**

*Soon to be exhibiting at The Cake Rooms in Hastings in July*

*Soon to be exhibiting artworks with East Kent Open House in October*

*Soon to be exhibiting artworks with Folkestone Art Society at The Leas Cliff Hall in October*

*Recently exhibiting artworks with South East Open Studios throughout June*

*Previously exhibited Artworks at Happy&Glorious in Canterbury throughout April*

Events in 2024:

All artworks available to view at

The Sometimes Gallery in Elham, Kent


a painting of a girl holding a fishing net
a black and white drawing of two dogs laying on top of each other
a painting of a seagull standing on a ledge
an oil painting of a green sea
an oil painting of a beach and ocean
an abstract painting with blue, gray and orange colors
a painting of a beach with a pier
a painting of a crow sitting on a branch
a painting of a large wave in the ocean
a painting of a little girl holding a stick in the water
a painting of a lighthouse near the ocean